About Us

Our mission is to make products that are Better for Pets, People and the Planet.

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It all started with an irresistible ball of fur – otherwise known as Momo the Pug. From the very first sniffs, snorts and licks on our faces, we knew life would never be the same again. We wanted only the very best for her—and giving her a great dog bed was an essential first step.

However, our excitement about finding Momo the perfect bed soon turned to feelings of disappointment. The options were endless, but beds that were high quality, aesthetically appealing and affordable were few and far between. We knew it was possible to do better, and coming home to Momo every day was all the motivation we needed to start our own company.

Since then, P.L.A.Y. has grown into an empire of pet products and accessories that are truly meeting the needs of modern pet parents. With a digital reach of over 2 million animal lovers and retailers in over 4,000 locations in North America and 50 countries worldwide, we are always striving to create the next best things for our pets. That same spirit to never settle for less when it came to our own pup inspires everything we do here at P.L.A.Y.  Better beds. Higher quality manufacturing. Great designs. Planet-friendly materials. All at a reasonable price.

It might sound like a lot of work, but to us, quite honestly, it feels like P.L.A.Y. 

We look forward to delighting you and your customers with our products.